Essential Anatomy 5 App Reviews

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Superbe application pour comprendre notre anatomie... The best ever :D


Good app. Excited to see what else they come up with to make it even more detailed.


This app is one of the best medical apps out there. Many amazing features that seem to be endless. A must have for anyone interested in the field of medicine!

Excellent app! Well worth the price!

Excellent app. Very useful to teach medical students. Suggestions: - Adding a "slice" function would definatly benefit radiology students and others who use imaging techniques like echography. - Adding the possibility to add multiple "pins" with the notes showing would be nice. - Adding a "pin" that represents a needle with the possibility to move it at the appropriate angle.

Its good...

But needs more about one architecture... aka where the spine is on the scapula and the fossa of other bones etc.

Great app.

Suggestion: I would love to see muscle attachments included in colour on the skeleton.

Great tool

Pretty great. I just wish you included bony landmarks for studying purposes.

Great App for Artists

I use this regularly for anatomy when I study figure drawing. Amazing resource.

Very useful

Very Clear and easy to use However, my only concern the accuracy of it. I personally think some of the tissue and organ is not at the exact location!


Along with its comparable app. Complete Anatomy this is one of the Best anatomy apps out there. It is best patient education tool I have on my iPad and outside of charting software it is the most used software in my line of work::-)


Great for students, practitioners, and showing clients the body. I bought the add ins as well so I can show and see connective tissue lymph and videos on movements of muscles. Love the detail, simplicity and accuracy of this app!!! AMAZING

Incredibly Useful

Our family uses this app all the time. Despite the incredibly advanced level of details available, this app always starts with a basic skeleton allowing you to easy zoom, rotate and add anatomical layers. Great for everyone from young children, highs school, University students and Medical professional. A+

Not transferable.

Pricey app and not even transferable to mac devices. Need to purchase new app to gain access.


In a word... Fantastic!

Awesome but need some Dev.

I am not sure about 3D4Med will care about my review I hope they will. First of all I am very grateful because of this app you made. It helps me more than I thought to study anatomy. It make me not to use Netter or any other anatomy atlas books this app is better than any of all. Because of 3D :) I am not write about pros because they are a lot. Just tell about the things that needed to change. I think we can rotate the body 360 degrees, yes we can rotate but not 360 degrees. Also multiple choose is needed to change. Not totally change but add an other option like we choose multiple in computers. Choosing one by one is taking to much time. You should also add fascias. And I think we should take slice of whole body or part we select. Only a bone or a muscle slice is meaningless. It will probably help us more than you think. Thanks!

Fantastic for creating custom images for lectures.

I teach in an Osteopathic medical school and am in process of updating all of the images in our departmental PowerPoint lectures. I am able to create just the image that I want with this app. Often I need an images that show both the surface anatomy, the underlying structures, and then highlight a particular muscle, ligament, etc. Im able to do this quickly with the hide, fade and highlight features. Being able to then turn the images and view them from multiple angles, make them that much more effective. A screenshot, email them to myself and I have the custom images that I need. These new anatomical images, along with new, color, studio photographs of the osteopathic manipulation techniques, have brought clarification and a professional facelift to our lectures. Thank you for helping to improve the quality of education for the next generation of osteopathic physicians. E. Shay, D.O.

No brainer!

Affordable, easy to use and effective. Its a no brainer :)

Brings Anatomy to Life for my High School Student

Thank you 3D4Medical for this terrific App. My son was struggling w/AP Anatomy in his elective and this App. got him through w/flying colors!

Great App

Im a LMT, and I found this app to be an excellent tool to review the muscles.

DPT student

This app is a must have for anyone that requires a detailed knowledge of the musculoskeletal human anatomy. As a Doctorate of Physical Therapy student I have used this app to visualize muscle fibers for palpating during the surface anatomy course during year one and continue to use it in year 2 to further conceptualize anatomy to make sense of pathologies such as thoracic outlet syndrome and the implications of the abnormal anatomies. Being able to manipulate the views is a huge plus compared to other apps to be able to see specifically what you are after. This app is as detailed as many anatomy books that retail for a much higher cost as well as fits in your pocket if you have it on your phone. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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