Essential Anatomy 5 App Reviews

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Simply the Best!

As a chiropractor, I explain muscles & joints daily. I have purchased several other anatomy apps, and the apps by 3d4Medical are the best for accuracy, flexibility, and frequent upgrades and bug smooshing. Best example: Im able to do an on-screen "dissection" to show a patient what structures are under a painful area. The other apps have mistakes in labeling (or no labels), and are usually not flexible.

I dont write reviews but

as a physical therapist I have to say this app is tops in my book and is used DAILY for my ortho residency

Simply Smashing!

I am not a doctor or medical professional - I am a patient who has had 15 surgeries. After listening and trying to clearly understand what my doctors were telling me about each surgery, I needed help. This beautiful app is the most amazingly succinct way to visually understand what is happening to my body. Thank you for creating such a powerful and easily interpreted anatomical reference that even someone stuck in a hospital bed can truly appreciate!

Good app., some detail missing

I use this app. to determine origins and insertions of muscles for targeted Reflexology and Applied Kinesiology. It is very helpful, except that some muscles have multiple divisions that are shown as one instead of as separate divisions. For example, Longus Colli is shown in the app. as one muscle, however, it has three divisions, Superior Oblique, Vertical, and Inferior Oblique, each with distinct origins and insertions, and each with a unique head position for functional testing. There are likely other muscle divisions that are grouped, as well.

Anatomy and physiology classes

This app makes studying for lab practicals and picturing how systems work or flow together a lot easier than using 2-d posters.

Awesome app

Great app for studying and explaining anatomy. The optional extra purchases make it even better! A must-have for any anatomy student!


There was no Omohyoid muscle, Why?? Please update! Thank you!!


This app is so helpful. Im in PT School and I use this app a lot. Its worth the money!

Great app

Great anatomy app. Well worth the price. Have on both my iPhone and iPad.

Great app BUT...

This is a great app, dont get me wrong, but the COMPLETE ANATOMY app is superior as it has everything Essential Anatomy 5 has but MORE. I would recommend getting COMPLETE ANATOMY over this one and I hope theres a way to get a refund for this apps purchase.

Superior Anatomy Program

I LOVE this program! For me, it has become an essential tool to help clients understand whats going on with their body. I train people who have multiple risks for disease or are diagnosed with disease and almost all clients have issues with their neck and/back. With a program I run specifically for neck and back pain, the use of this program has been key in educating clients about their anatomy, why they feel pain, which muscles are working during movement, which muscles are being strengthened during exercises etc. so many have had an "Ahaaaa!" moment because of it too. If you are a trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist, using this program will deliver so much value to the people in your care it will become invaluable. You NEED this!

Great app for any medical professional or student

I started of with the free version and had to buy the full version. Its so worth every penny! As a FNP student this has helped me out in clinical, homework and even at work. Must have!!!!

Great app but could be better

The app its amazing the way you can look at different angles of the body. However you cannot learn about the individual holes in the bones. Like the processes and the foremen and such. It would be so helpful if you could see those while studying.

Very Good

Its very usefull. I wish you improve some new features so the program will be easier

Perfect anatomy

This shows you literally everything youd want to see in the easiest possible ways.

Basic... good for general anatomy

Good for general anatomy, but certainly not qualified as an all inclusive anatomy app. I was bought by the hype of the reviews, but for a PA school student this app fell short very quickly when I tried to use as a reference multiple times.

Absolutely love it

Will recommend it


In a word... Fantastic!


Absolutely one of the best atlas applications out there. Every question I had in my advanced cadaver course was answered within the app. From in-situ to cross sections the app allowed me to have the flexibility to save, bookmark and even quiz myself right on my phone!

Not transferable.

Pricey app and not even transferable to mac devices. Need to purchase new app to gain access.

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